Consumed By Him In Prayer


                                ~~ Words Of Wisdom ~~               


                                      Come Drink Of His Goodness                                        
Come eat from the wall of Wisdom                                                                 
His Will Not Ours                                                                                             

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Financial Seed

Prayer is free to any & all who should ever desire it. We offer willingly & serve the Lord gladly in prayer and intercession because it is HIS will and our great privilege to cry out on behalf of others in need.

Should the Lord lead you to send a financial seed to bless the prayer room and the work of prayer HE has given us; it would be truly appreciated and free us to focus that much more on the joy of prayer.

You can Use Our Pay-Pal

spot to do your financial seed

as requested ,the pay-pal email address is  ) thank you and blessings

If you are unable to use pay-Pal please email me

@ consumedbyhiminprayer  and I will send you and address to use and send your Financial seed to , all my love and blessings to you,











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