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Lord, I ask that you touch each person that is listed here.  Lord I thank you that you  see their hearts and know that they are willing, loving, servants.   Lord I thank you that they are not afraid to share and teach others anything that will help them on their walk with you. Lord, thank you that they teach others to walk into their destiny and their purpose in this life.  Thank you that they believe in raising up generations for your kingdom and are not afraid that anyone will out shine them.   Lord, they know completely this is all about you Lord.  So, Lord bless them even more and  anoint them more and more so they will continue to teach ,preach, and reach souls.  Lord, keep them covered and protected in the blood, Father,  and continue to keep showing them even more of what you have for them in Jesus Mighty Name I pray.   Amen and Amen!!

Pastor Jerry & Juanita Bench  ~ Mom and Dad Bench

Pastor Jerry and Pastor Juanita:

Mom and Dad are two souls that truly love God and have served Him for years.  They lovingly share their walk with the Lord and share everything they have with their spiritual children or any one else that is hungry for the Lord. They are so full of wisdom. God has truly blessed them.  If you ever need a word of wisdom, ask God to truly send these precious souls into your lives. Mom and Dad, thank you for everything you are, and for everything you both have poured into me. Thank you for those little hugs you give and then you whisper a precious word from God to me.  And yes, it's always just what I needed for that time. I never even had to ask or say anything. You just listened to God and said what He told you both.  I Love you both so much.   My heart is drenched with love for the both of you!   Thank you for your love toward me.  Thank you for all I received and learned from you, Mighty, Mighty Teachers, & Spiritual Parents, I am so blessed by God ...Thank you Lord.


Michael Dalton


                                       ~~ Betty and Dennis ~~


Betty and Dennis are two of the most wonderful, precious souls in my life. When God let us connect, of course, He knew what He was doing, and yes He made this awesome connection among us.  They are so strong in the power of intercession prayer. Their love goes so deep that you can only say this is love from the Father, true love in doing what ever Daddy says to do. They have taught me a lot on intercession and have prayed for me so much.  They are the kind of family to me that is always there with their hearts open to say we are praying for you and we love you.   When we get to see each other, their hugs are so overwhelming, and full of love, that you feel like clay that is being molded.  They are so sweet and pure and I love them so very much. Thank you Betty and Dennis for always being there and teaching me how to go further in what Daddy has for me at this time. All my love to you both.  If ever a love to show how God's love is between married couples, it would be yours. I see and feel so much love being around the two of you.

I pray Gods Blessings over you both and that all your heart's desires are filled.  I pray that you just keep letting your hearts stay open to Daddy.  He has so much for the both of you. There is so much more for you.  The heavens are about to open and pour out way more then you ever thought or even could have wanted.   God is pleased with you both. He is going to cover you in blessings just when you think Lord, what more?  Hahaaa, He will bless you more!  Lord, I pray your Holy Rain flood them with favor in Jesus Mighty Name! Amen, Amen.


Hugs and so much love to you, Betty and Dennis.  God is awesome and I truly thank Him for bringing in the souls that are here to fulfill our destiny .


Pastor M. Deadrick


Pastor Deadrick ,


This is where it all started :)   ,

 God sent me to this church and I met this awesome loving, precious, and praying man of God. I met Him as Elder and that's what he will always be in my heart, sweet blessed elder. We did a lot of barbecues together. We spent lots and lots and lots of time together in the church kitchen, cleaning chicken and preparing it for the barbecues. We made sure everything was ready and in line. He is a very orderly man.  Don't ever try putting any food down on a counter if it hasn't been totally cleaned and disinfected. :)  I learned so much from him and it was all good.  There is no complaining here whatsoever. Yes Lord, as we worked, he sang. Lord this gentleman can sing! When he sings, God shows up! Then the praying comes, and you better hold on to the counters in that kitchen.  God is going to touch you right there!  Elder prays and it’s just as if God is standing right there with us.  Elder’s tears flow and flow as he prays. You truly know he is reaching, touching, Daddy’s heart.  How could he not touch His heart?  Elder is so pure, so loving, so gentle.  I Love you, elder and I thank God for letting me be with you in that kitchen.  I learned how to pray and reach Daddy's heart from you.  I learned how to love on Him so much that nothing else or anyone else could be more important.   Some say he has a cry baby spirit and that’s good.   I have the same spirit and I don't mind the tears.  Daddy is so awesome and when we talk about Him our heart is just overflowing with tears.  We know that Daddy is catching every tear as they fall!  You prepared me for what was coming down the line, this moment in my life, in my walk with God.  I love you and bless you, Sir.  I pray Daddy’s love just pour all over you. I pray for Him to saturate you in Him and with Him! I pray for Him to direct your every step as you go on to bring up more and more children of God and show them how to reach Daddy's heart.  This is the place and time for you, elder, for you have heard the voice of God and you are walking in the steps He has ordered for you.  Glory to God!  I pray the anointing flow so heavy on you that souls will just cry out to God as you walk by them, in Jesus Mighty Name! You are truly a Son of God, worthy to take this step.  In Jesus Mighty name, I pray.   Amen and Amen!

You have touched my heart so I can touch His heart, I Love you so much!  Hugs and love to you!!!

All My Love To You, Cindie   From   Consumed by Him in Prayer  



Please feel free to leave a comment: If you choose not to leave your email it's okay.  Thank you so dearly ,

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