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                      " Welcome to the Prayer Wall and Comment Wall "

Welcome to the Prayer and Comment Wall


(If your prayer request is private, please go to the prayer room prayer box.)  Thank you

 This prayer wall and comment wall page is open for all to read.

It is a page for agreement in prayer with and for others as well as for your needs.  Pray for one another that your needs may be met and you will be blessed.

Please scroll down till you see the box for prayer request and comments. Thank you


This is the same as our prayer room at home.  We have a wall dedicated to prayer requests.  On this website wall your needs and requests will be read and prayed for by people all around the world.  So please place your open requests here before the altar of the Lord.  We will pray and come into agreement with you.   Blessings to you, Cindie   


   Bow before the King Of kings , Holy Spirit We  Welcome You!                        

Bow before the KING



My Prayer for each of you is that you would hear God right now as you come to leave your prayer requests or comments.  My prayer is that you are truly receiving the Holy Spirit and feel the Holy Spirit  touching you as you are sitting here going through the rooms, and listening to the ANOINTED music.     My prayer is that you will be touched by the anointing.  Let it pour down upon you and soak in it. Dive in and fall so deeply in love with Him. Feel God’s Love surrounding you.  Feel Him saturating you!   Now I pray: Lord bless each person that comes here to share, and meet you, to receive you Lord Jesus.  I pray for those that are broken, reaching out to you and trying to find peace and wholeness in their lives.

Lord I pray such an anointing upon Angie McGregor.   Lord, I pray for blessings to fall down upon her Lord as she opens her heart to you completely.  Bless her for having an open, loving, sharing heart, Abba Daddy. Bless her for she has allowed me to play her song  on this web (home)page. In obedience, I have created the web page and You are blessing it Lord.  Angie also is a willing daughter.   Abba, Daddy, bless her as she continues to bless others, even as they fall down before you Lord, listening to her music.  As her song says Daddy, FILL THIS TEMPLE. Lord God Almighty. touch us. Visit and dwell with us. Lord let angels surround us. Let us see you. Lord, we long to commune with you always. Stay right here Abba, Father with us. Holy One we adore You.  WE LOVE YOU OUR LORD. HOLY HOLY IS THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.  In Jesus Mighty Name I Pray,  Amen and Amen..





go to the links page to view Angie McGregor and hear more of her love for the Lord as she ushers you into worship unto the Lord.  Also visit the other blessed pages on the links pages that have truly blessed my heart. They have prayed as this house was being built.

*******Please note all copyrights are reserved by the individuals represented by song or pictures used on this site.    Please do not attempt to use anyone’s pictures or songs on this website without their written or verbal permission. Thank You. 



I apoligize to everyone that posted comments on the prayer room wall and there comments are not there any longer I had an issue with the comment box and tried to save some of the comments ,but please feel free to leave another comment . Your comments are so precious to the Lord and incouraging to others including me ,you all touch my heart ,I have took steps to correct this. ,The enemy would Love to try to keep this down ! But I Know the God I serve !! Glory  Hallelujah, Hallelujah to The King !!!!!



Please feel free to leave a comment of what the Lord has done for you while visiting " Consumed by Him in Prayer "

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come back and share  your testimonies

Please let us know your location,whether in the states or around the world.   We would love to know and share with everyone where God is taking “Consumed by Him In Prayer.

(Give Credit where credit is due)

I just want to say:  A Great Big Bless You to these sweet loved ones who stood along side me when I first started building this prayer home. They are still with me. They are praying for the web home and for me.  Anna C:  Without you, digging into some answers for me on the how to for the site; I would have not been able to get this up as fast as we did.  Thank you sweetheart!!  Tommy: I thank you for the late night prayers, when I would text or call you, asking if God is telling you something for the web page home. I would ask is this the way I do it.   You blessed me with your patience and love for what God was doing within this prayer home.   Betty:  Well my sweet Betty, thank you always, then and now, for praying for me.  Thank you so much for all the help and hours you put in going over the site day after day.  You just melt my heart as you just wanted to do what God was leading you to do in order to help me.   I pray such blessings over each of you. I pray Heaven pours out till you just see blessings fall like a flood over each of you.  Lord God these hearts are so open and giving to your Kingdom.  They gave so this web home could reach around the world and to the Nations as you desired.  Bless them Lord.   Bless them, in Jesus Name, I pray. Amen and Amen!  Please keep these precious souls lifted before God as they continue to pray and bless this prayer home.  Thank you.

Thank you, from the:  Consumed by Him in Prayer Family.

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Financial Seed

Prayer is free to any & all who should ever desire it. We offer willingly & serve the Lord gladly in prayer and intercession because it is HIS will and our great privilege to cry out on behalf of others in need.

Should the Lord lead you to send a financial seed to bless the prayer room and the work of prayer HE has given us; it would be truly appreciated and free us to focus that much more on the joy of prayer.

You can Use Our Pay-Pal

spot to do your financial seed

as requested ,the pay-pal email address is  ) thank you and blessings

If you are unable to use pay-Pal please email me

@ consumedbyhiminprayer  and I will send you and address to use and send your Financial seed to , all my love and blessings to you,











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