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Please enjoy these  LINKS ..They are blessed Children of God who have touched my heart they have been anointed by God , be blessed and please let them know you contacted them threw "Consumed by Him In Prayer" Thank you to those who have kept me in prayer ,be blessed with each of these ,more to come ..


Angie McGregor


please Click here to go to Angie McGregor's web page thank you

Angie McGregor is an Amazing Woman of God , Angie when I asked you to share your music with us you answered Yes Immediately, not to many will say Yes as you did hunny and I thank God for you, Angie's Song Unto the Lord is Amazing ,there is no way you can hear it and Not get into Gods Glourious Presence ! Angie when you sing  it's like opening  up the Heavens and the Angels pour out with us to adore Abba Daddy ! I Love you and thank you again with all the Love God has put within me .

You should truly go to Angie McGregor's web site and hear samples and purchase her music . Your life with Worshiping and loving on the Lord will Never be the Same ! Bless Her Lord , Bless Her.  The song that was playing in the Prayer Wall & Comment wall Room is  “Fill this Temple ” 

Riverland Church

  Riverland is a congregation dedicated to train up prophets, intercessors and those that walk in the prophetic.. So  Truly Blessed, Stop by there Church You Will Recieve..


Pastor Jerry And Juanita Bench ~ Riverland Church ~Bakerfield Calif.

please Click below to go to their  Riverland Church Facebook differn't then the above page:

Riverland Church

Riverland Church is a small church located at the corner of Niles and King Street in Bakersfield, CA. We are in the education building upstairs. (The Upper Room) We have been in ministry there for 19 years.

SonOak Ministry

      If you want a Blessed Web Page Done by  a Blessed Man Of God Go Here ,Tommy is  A Praying Man of God as he does these pages . Loves the Lord with everything within him, This Young Man is very open to the will of God ,  Ready to reach out to the Generation of Soldiers  that are coming fourth to Preach and teach and Minister Gods Word .

press SonOak Ministry  \  to go to his web page please. thank you ,for web page  info such as prices ect. email me at But due to me not being able to link to his page ,at this time please just email me here and I will forward all mail to him , thank you and hope you try him out ,thank you Cynthia




David Michael

 Please Click to see Davids Video

 Davids Video

This Young Man has a testimony to truly share with the World about meeting Jesus, and he is not afraid to share it. He has been gifted by God to sing Rap music unto the Lord ! He goes out and does concerts that draw those lost souls to the Lord and those that already know Jesus just want to be closer to Him, Bless you David and just keep letting the Lord  order your foot steps ,to find out more about David click the link's ,thank you

please click to purchase and listen to clips of his c-d

David Michael CD Clips and Purchase


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Financial Seed

Prayer is free to any & all who should ever desire it. We offer willingly & serve the Lord gladly in prayer and intercession because it is HIS will and our great privilege to cry out on behalf of others in need.

Should the Lord lead you to send a financial seed to bless the prayer room and the work of prayer HE has given us; it would be truly appreciated and free us to focus that much more on the joy of prayer.

You can Use Our Pay-Pal

spot to do your financial seed

as requested ,the pay-pal email address is  ) thank you and blessings

If you are unable to use pay-Pal please email me

@ consumedbyhiminprayer  and I will send you and address to use and send your Financial seed to , all my love and blessings to you,











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