Consumed By Him In Prayer

                                                THE POTTERS POT 2016




                                             THE POTTERS POT

                                                                      "THE POTTERS POT"
                                        We Shall See The Miracles Signs And Wonders Of GOD ~
Isaiah 64:8
But now, O LORD, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand.
The other day as I sat in prayer and worship , I heard the Lord say , Tell my people to send their names on a piece of paper and then put the names in the Potters Pot, pray over the Potters Pot and pour anointing oil all over it. As I sat there I seen the hand of God go over it and oil was just pouring down ,Glory to God I heard I am going to restore, to heal ,to bless as never before "I AM" ,I am the GREAT POTTER, God is about to knock your socks off and if you don't have socks on it's okay He is going to drench the oil over us and we shall see His hand move over us ! Well we have  prayed and waited and Glory the "POTTERS Pot" is here !                   
                                                                             NEW Beginnings
THE GREAT POTTER IS ABOUT TO mold you and mold those situations the correct way HIS WAY ! We shall see Miracles, Signs and Wonders as God Has Said .You wont want to miss this call of God . Please send in your name on a piece of paper ~~ also send your prayer request in a separate piece of paper to :
10689 Murray Dr.
Northglenn Colorado

This Is Amazing  ,we already have had churches send their papers in with names, prayer, request and offerings ,
Let them hear YOU O Lord and let them send their papers in GLORY TO HIS MIGHTY NAME.                             
                                          'DRENCH US O LORD SOAK US WITH ALL OF YOU
                                                            Glory to your Holy Name JESUS                                                                                 
I send my love in Jesus Mighty Name ,Cindie
I will be posting a page of this and the whole testimonies of the Potters Pot.
Please feel free to go to the home prayer page to share your testimonies thank you dearly.